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Agnes Czajka

Agnes Czajka

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Agnes Czajka

Agnes Czajka

About me

Agnes Czajka joined the Department of Politics & International Studies in 2013. Prior to joining The Open University she taught politics at Sabanci University in Turkey, and sociology at the American University in Cairo, and the University College Cork in Ireland.

Agnes Czajka 's research

Agnes Czajka and Jennifer Suchland (2017) Mapping the Margins of Europe: Race, Migration and Belonging, In philoSOPHIA: Journal of Continental Feminism 2(7)

Agnes Czajka (2016) Democracy and Justice: Reading Derrida in Istanbul, Routledge

Agnes Czajka (2015-05) Europe beyond universalism and particularism, In Contemporary Political Theory

Agnes Czajka (2014-08) Migration in the age of the nation-state: migrants, refugees and the national order of things, In Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 3(39)

Agnes Czajka (2014) The Prime Minister as President?, In Jadaliyya

Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar (2013-12) Introduction: What will become of Europe?, Edinburgh University Press

Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar (editors) (2013-12) Europe After Derrida: Crisis and Potentialities, Edinburgh University Press

Agnes Czajka (2013-10-01) The potential of sanctuary: acts of sanctuary through the lens of camp, Routledge

Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar (2013) Everywhere is Taksim, resistance everywhere, Jadaliyya

Agnes Czajka and Bora Isyar (2012-12-31) Revisiting Lausanne: the Greece-Turkey population exchange, In Near East Quarterly 9

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