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Profile: Dr Tony Hirst

Dr Tony Hirst

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Profile: Dr Tony Hirst

Dr Tony Hirst

Dr Tony Hirst's research

Alan Geoffrey Hall et al. (2017-07) Structuring Spreadsheets with the “Lish” Data Model, In European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group Conference 2017

Adrian Hopgood and A. J. Hirst (2007-02) Keeping a distance-education course current through elearning and contextual assessment, In IEEE Transactions on Education 1(50)

Professor Jeff Johnson and A. J. Hirst (2005-05) Robots, art and complexity science, In Complexity Symposium: Art, Complexity and Technology: Their Interaction in Emergence

G. Latif-Shabgahi and A. J. Hirst (2005-03) A fuzzy voting scheme for hardware and software fault tolerant systems, In Fuzzy Sets and Systems 3(150)

Jonathan Rosewell et al. (2005) Robotics and the meaning of life: a practical guide to things that think, In CAL '05 'Virtual Learning?'

Professor Jeff Johnson, A. J. Hirst and Steve W. Garner (2003) Learning from designing the RoboFesta - Blue Peter robots, In Artificial Life and Robotics(7)

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