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Dr Tony Hirst's OpenLearn Profile

Profile: Dr Tony Hirst

Dr Tony Hirst

About me

Tony Hirst is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Systems at The Open University and regular blogger at With a background in electronics and artificial intelligence, he has authored on OU courses ranging from robotics to information skills, and most recently a course on computer game design and appreciation. He has been The Open University's academic representative on BBC Radio's Click On and Digital Planet.

Dr Tony Hirst's research

Adrian Hopgood and A. J. Hirst (2007-02) Keeping a distance-education course current through elearning and contextual assessment, In IEEE Transactions on Education 1(50)

Professor Jeff Johnson and A. J. Hirst (2005-05) Robots, art and complexity science, In Complexity Symposium: Art, Complexity and Technology: Their Interaction in Emergence

G. Latif-Shabgahi and A. J. Hirst (2005-03) A fuzzy voting scheme for hardware and software fault tolerant systems, In Fuzzy Sets and Systems 3(150)

Jonathan Rosewell et al. (2005) Robotics and the meaning of life: a practical guide to things that think, In CAL '05 'Virtual Learning?'

Professor Jeff Johnson, A. J. Hirst and Steve W. Garner (2003) Learning from designing the RoboFesta - Blue Peter robots, In Artificial Life and Robotics(7)

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