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Arosha Bandara

Arosha Bandara

About me

Arosha Bandara is a senior lecturer in The Open University's Department of Computing


Arosha Bandara's research

Affonso de Melo Novaes Viana Thiago, Professor Andrea Zisman and Arosha K. Bandara (2017-09-04) Identifying Conflicting Requirements in Systems of Systems, In IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE@NEXT)

Professor Blaine Price et al. (2017-06) Logging you, Logging me: A Replicable Study of Privacy and Sharing Behaviour in Groups of Visual Lifeloggers, In Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive Mobile Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies 2(1)

Mahmoud Barhamgi et al. (2017-04) Enabling End-Users to Protect Their Privacy, In ACM on Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS) 2017, ACM

Charith Naranwala Gonaduwage et al. (2016) Valorising the IoT Databox: creating value for everyone, In Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 1(28), John Wiley & Sons, Ltd

Pierre A. Akiki, Arosha K. Bandara and Yi-Jun Yu (2017) Visual Simple Transformations: Empowering End-Users to Wire Internet of Things Objects, In Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

Neil Mark Damian Smith et al. (2017) A comparison of MOOC development and delivery approaches, In International Journal of Information and Learning Technology 2(34)

Amel Bennaceur et al. (2017) Feature-driven Mediator Synthesis: Supporting Collaborative Security in the Internet of Things, In ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems

Pierre A. Akiki, Arosha K. Bandara and Yi-Jun Yu (2016-12-08) Engineering Adaptive Model-Driven User Interfaces, In IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 12(42)

Affonso de Melo Novaes Viana Thiago, Arosha K. Bandara and Professor Andrea Zisman (2016-12) Towards a Framework for Managing Inconsistencies in Systems of Systems, In Colloquium on Software-intensive Systems-of-Systems at 10th European Conference on Software Architecture, ACM

Charith Naranwala Gonaduwage et al. (2016-11-07) Privacy-by-Design Framework for Assessing Internet of Things Applications and Platforms, In International Conference on the Internet of Things (IOT 2016)

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