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Dr Annika Mombauer's OpenLearn Profile

Dr Annika Mombauer

Dr Annika Mombauer

About me

Annika Mombauer is a senior lecturer in modern European history.


Dr Annika Mombauer's research

Annika Mombauer (2015-12-16) Guilt or Responsibility? The Hundred Year Debate on the Origins of the First World War, In Central European History 4(48)

Annika Mombauer (2014-05) Der hundertjaehrige Krieg um die Kriegsschuld, In Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht 5/6(65)

Annika Mombauer (2014-04-14) Julikrise und Kriegsschuld - Thesen und Stand der Forschung, In Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 16-17(64)

Annika Mombauer (2014-02-10) Die Julikrise. Europas Weg in den Ersten Weltkrieg, C.H. Beck Verlag

Annika Mombauer (2013-04) The Fischer controversy, documents, and the ‘truth’ about the Origins of the First World War, In Journal of Contemporary History 2(48)

Annika Mombauer (2013-04) The Fischer controversy 50 years on, In Journal of Contemporary History 2(48)

Annika Mombauer(editor) (2013-02) The Origins of the First World War: diplomatic and military documents, Manchester University Press

Annika Mombauer (2010) German War Plans, Cambridge University Press

Annika Mombauer (2007-01) The First World War: Inevitable, Avoidable, Improbable Or Desirable? Recent Interpretations On War Guilt and the War’s Origins, In German History 1(25)

Annika Mombauer (2006-12) The Battle of the Marne: myths and reality of Germany's "fateful battle", In The Historian 4(68)

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