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Dr Andrew Lindridge's OpenLearn Profile

Dr Andrew Lindridge

Dr Andrew Lindridge

About me

Andrew Lindridge is a senior lecturer in marketing at The Open University Business School.

Dr Andrew Lindridge's research

Andrew M. Lindridge, Lisa Penaloza and Omniprye Worlu (2017) Agency and Empowerment in consumption in relation to a patriarchal bargain: the case of Nigerian immigrant women in the UK, In European Journal of Marketing 9/10(50)

Andrew M. Lindridge, Sharon Beatty and William Northington (2017) Do Gambling Game Choices Reflect a Recreational Gambler’s Motivations?, In Qualitative Market Research: an international journal

Toni Eagar and Andrew M. Lindridge (2016) Resolving Contradictions in Human Brand Celebrity and Iconicity 17, Emerald

Andrew M. Lindridge, Geraldine Rosa Henderson and Akon E. Ekpo (2015-06) ‘(Virtual) ethnicity, the Internet, and well-being, In Marketing Theory 2(15)

Andrew M. Lindridge and Toni Eagar (2015-03-04) ‘And Ziggy played guitar’: Bowie, the market, and the emancipation and resurrection of Ziggy Stardust, In Journal of Marketing Management 5-6(31)

Andrew M. Lindridge, Rohini Vijaygopal and Professor Sally Dibb (2014) The manifestation of culture in product purchase: A cross-cultural comparison, In Journal of Marketing Analytics 4(2)

Christina Goulding, Michael Saran and Andrew M. Lindridge (2013-01) Reading the body at von Hagen's body worlds, In Annals of Tourism Research(40)

Andrew M. Lindridge et al. (2013) Applying an ecological model to social marketing communications, In European Journal of Marketing 9(47)

Andrew M. Lindridge (2012-10) Memories of pre- and post-migration consumption: better times or embodiments of a defensive mental state?, In Association of Consumer Research - Advances in Consumer Research

Onyipreye Worlu and Andrew M. Lindridge (2012-08) Conform or resist? Immigrant females and consumer empowerment, In 2012 AMS World Marketing Congress -- Cultural Perspectives in Marketing

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