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Alan Shipman

Alan Shipman

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Alan Shipman

Alan Shipman

About me

Alan Shipman is lecturer in economics at The Open University, and a former financial journalist.

Alan Shipman's research

Huaichuan Rui, Miao Zhang and Alan Shipman (2017-06) Chinese expatriate management in emerging markets: A competitive advantage perspective, In Journal of International Management 2(23)

Huaichuan Rui, Miao Zhang and Alan Shipman (2016-09) Relevant knowledge and recipient ownership: Chinese MNCS’ knowledge transfer in Africa, In Journal of World Business 5(51)

Alan Shipman (2015) Capitalism without Capital: Accounting for the crash, Palgrave Macmillan

Mariana Mazzucato and Alan Shipman (2014-08) Accounting for productive investment and value creation, In Industrial and Corporate Change 4(23)

Pauline Gleadle et al. (2014-02) Restructuring and innovation in pharmaceuticals and biotechs: the impact of financialisation, In Critical Perspectives on Accounting 1(25)

Patrick Baert and Alan Shipman (2013-11-28) The rise of the embedded intellectual: new forms of public engagement and critique, Ashgate

Pauline Gleadle et al. (2012-01) Financialisation As An Enabler Or Inhibitor Of Innovation? The Case Of UK Biotech, FINNOV

Patrick Baert and Alan Shipman (2011-07-01) Transforming the intellectual, Routledge

Mariana Mazzucato et al. (2010) Personal Investment: Financial Planning in an Uncertain World, Palgrave Macmillan

Patrick Baert, Helena Jeronimo and Alan Shipman (2009) Social science and the democratic ideal: from technocracy to dialogue, Palgrave

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