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Profile: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

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Profile: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

About me

Geek(y), Open University Academic, Senior Verifier/Examiner, Author, Linux, Cisco, Security, Packet Tracer and prog rock fan ... also eater of the obscure


Andrew Smith's research

Helen Donelan, Andrew Smith and Patrick K. C. Wong (2018-03-08) Virtualization for computer networking skills development in a distance learning environment, In Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Wiley

Helen Donelan, Andrew Smith and Patrick K. C. Wong (2018) Virtualisation for Computer Networking Skills Development in a Distance Learning Environment, In Computer Applications in Engineering Education

Andrew Smith (2017-12-19) How to cope with 1000 teachers on Facebook Live!, In SocMedHE17 Social Media for Higher Education in Learning Conference

Alexander Mikroyannidis et al. (2017-06-08) Online experimentation and interactive learning resources for teaching network engineering, In 2017 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), IEEE

Andrew Smith (2016-12-16) Periscope vs Facebook Live – it isn’t a grudge match, In 2016 Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference (SocMedHE16)

Andrew Smith (2016-10-11) Teaching by Twitter: Extending the classroom via Social Media?, In CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference

Andrew Smith (2016-09-06) Using Periscope to teach wannabe Network Engineers, In ALT Annual Conference 2016: Connect, Collaborate, Create

Amel Bennaceur et al. (2016) Feed me, Feed me: An Exemplar for Engineering Adaptive Software, In 11th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems

Andrew Smith (2015-12) Periscope into the world of Social Media Education for Cisco Network Engineers, SocMedHE

Andrew Smith (2015-09-08) Creating a pre-planned social media teaching experience, In ALT-C Shaping the Future of Learning Together

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