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Barbara Mayor

Barbara Mayor

About me

Barbara Mayor is lecturer in the Centre for Language and Communications at The Open University.

Barbara Mayor's research

Barbara M. Mayor and Daniel Allington (2012-03-15) Talking in English, Routledge

Barbara M. Mayor (2012) Growing up with English, Routledge

Daniel Allington and Barbara M. Mayor (editors) (2012) Communicating in English: Talk, Text, Technology, Routledge

Barbara M. Mayor (2010) Perspectives on children learning English: from structures to practices, Routledge

Barbara M. Mayor (2007-03) English in the repertoire, Routledge

Frank Monaghan and Barbara M. Mayor (2007-03) English in the curriculum, Routledge

Ann Hewings, Professor Theresa Lillis and Barbara M. Mayor (2007-03) Academic writing in English, Routledge

Barbara M. Mayor et al. (2007-03) A Linguistic analysis of Chinese and Greek L1 scripts for IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 19, Cambridge University Press

Neil Mercer, Joan Swann and Barbara M. Mayor (editors) (2007-03) Learning English, Routledge

Barbara M. Mayor (2006) Dialogic and hortatory features in the writing of Chinese candidates for the IELTS Test, In Language, Culture and Curriculum 1(19)

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