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Profile: Ben Oakley

Ben Oakley

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Profile: Ben Oakley

Ben Oakley

Ben Oakley's research

Ben Oakley and Simon Shibli (2016-07-27) What do the Olympic medal tables say about your nation’s sporting priorities?, The Conversation

Ben Oakley (2015-08-05) The other giant leap for mankind: how this athlete set a world record that’s still standing 20 years later, The Conversation

Ben Oakley (2015-07-01) What do Champions’ Autobiographical Accounts tell us About Athletes’ Learning?, In Olympic Coach 2(26), USOC

Ben Oakley (2009-07-17) What makes successful sessions?, Routledge

Trevor Wright et al. (2009-07-17) Learning how to coach: the different learning situations reported by coaches, Routledge

Caroline A. Heaney, Ben Oakley and Simon James Raphael Rea (editors) (2009-07-17) Exploring Sport and Fitness: Work-based Practice, Routledge/The Open University

Ben Oakley and Martin Rhys (editors) (2008-04-02) The Sport and Fitness Sector: an Introduction, Open University/Routledge.

Ben Oakley and Clare Hencken (2005-04) Oral examination assessment practices: effectiveness and change within a first year undergraduate cohort, In Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 1(4)

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