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Clem Herman's Research & Publications

Clem Herman and Rachel M. Hilliam (2018) The Triple Whammy: Gendered Careers of Geographically Marginalised Academic STEM Women, In International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 1(10)
Clem Herman (2014-02-18) Returning to STEM: gendered factors affecting employability for mature women students, In Journal of Education and Work 6(28)
Clem Herman, Suzan Lewis and Ann Laure Humbert (2013) Women scientists and engineers in European companies: putting motherhood under the microscope, In Gender Work and Organisation 5(20)
Clem Herman and Suzan Lewis (2012-12) Entitled to a sustainable career? Motherhood in science, engineering and technology, In Journal of Social Issues 4(68)
Clem Herman (2012-06) Returning to another place? Boundary crossing and career transitions among women science, engineering and technology professionals re-entering employment, In Gender Work and Organisation 2012: 7th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference
Clem Herman, Pat Morton and Jane Butcher (2012-04) Changing discourses in women and science policy: responding to austerity in gender and SET, In British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2012 - Sociology in an Age of Austerity

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