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Dr Claire Hewson

Dr Claire Hewson

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Dr Claire Hewson

Dr Claire Hewson

About me

Claire commenced a degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire (then Hatfield Polytechnic) in 1987, with interests in social psychology, gender, feminist and social constructionist perspectives. Subsequently, she developed interests in cognitive psychology, philosophy of science and philosophy of mind, and upon finishing my degree went on to study at the Centre for Cognitive Science (now 'Informatics') at Edinburgh University where she completed an MSc in Cognitive Science and Natural Language in 1991. Claire stayed on there to complete a PhD in 1996; my thesis focused on the nature of 'folk psychology' and its role in developed scientific psychological theories. After then working for a brief period as a Research Associate at the Human Communication Research Centre, Edinburgh University, she took up a full time Lectureship at the University of Bolton in 1997. Claire has been working at The Open University since September 2007.

Dr Claire Hewson's research

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Claire M. Hewson (2012-10) Can online course-based assessment methods be fair and equitable? Relationships between students' preferences and performance within online and offline assessments, In Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 5(28)

Claire M. Hewson and Dianna Laurent (2008) Research design and tools for Internet research, Sage

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