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Dr Claire Hewson

Dr Claire Hewson

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Dr Claire Hewson

Dr Claire Hewson

Dr Claire Hewson's research

Claire M. Hewson (2017) Research design and tools for internet research, Sage

Claire M. Hewson, Carl Vogel and Dianna Laurent (2016-01-09) Internet Research Methods (2nd ed), Sage

Claire M. Hewson and David W. Stewart (2016) Internet Research Methods, In Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online, Wiley

Claire M. Hewson (2015-10) Ethics issues in digital methods research., Palgrave Macmillan

Claire M. Hewson (2015-09-01) Research methods on the Internet 5, De Gruyter Mouton

Claire M. Hewson (2014-12) Conducting research on the internet - a new era, In Psychologist(27)

Claire M. Hewson (2014) Qualitative approaches in internet-mediated research: opportunities, issues, possibilities, Oxford University Press USA

Claire M. Hewson and Tom Buchanan (2013) Ethics Guidelines for Internet-mediated Research INF206/1.2, The British Psychological Society

Claire M. Hewson (2012-10) Can online course-based assessment methods be fair and equitable? Relationships between students' preferences and performance within online and offline assessments, In Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 5(28)

Claire M. Hewson and Dianna Laurent (2008) Research design and tools for Internet research, Sage

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