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Chris Blackmore

Chris Blackmore

About me

Chris Blackmore is a senior lecturer in environmental and development systems in The Open University’s Communication and Systems Department.

Chris Blackmore's research

Maria Laura Ruiu et al. (2017-04-22) Re-Staging La Rasgioni: Lessons Learned from Transforming a Traditional Form of Conflict Resolution to Engage Stakeholders in Agricultural Water Governance, In Water 4(9)

Jasper R. de Vries et al. (2017-02) Where There Is No History: How to Create Trust and Connection in Learning for Transformation in Water Governance, In Water 2(9)

Martin Reynolds et al. (2017) The role of systems thinking in the practice of implementing sustainable development goals, Springer

Christine Blackmore et al. (2017) Understanding and developing communities of practice through diagramming, Policy Press

Martin Reynolds et al. (2017) From competence to capability: learning laboratories in postgraduate pedagogy, In 6th eSTEeM Annual Conference 2017: STEM Futures: Supporting Students to Succeed

Séverine van Bommel et al. (2016-12-01) Performing and orchestrating governance learning for systemic transformation in practice for climate change adaptation, In Outlook on Agriculture 4(45)

Christine Blackmore et al. (2016-11-04) Learning for Transformation of Water Governance: Reflections on Design from the Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance (CADWAGO) Project, In Water 11(8)

Martin Reynolds et al. (2016-08) Enhancing Systems Thinking in Practice at the Workplace: eSTEeM final report, The OU Centre for STEM Pedagogy

Natalie Foster et al. (2016) Water Governance in England: Improving Understandings and Practices through Systemic Co-Inquiry, In Water(5)

Janice Jiggins et al. (2016) The governance of farming and natural resource management, In Outlook on Agriculture 4(45)

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