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Professor Colin Gray

Professor Colin Gray

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Professor Colin Gray

Professor Colin Gray

About me

Colin Gray is professor of enterprise development at The Open University Business School, where he is responsible for research and teaching in small business and entrepreneurship.

Professor Colin Gray's research

Professor Richard Blundel et al. (2014-12) Quarterly Survey of Small Business in Britain - 30th anniversary issue Q4, The Open University

Seema Sharma, Professor Elizabeth Daniel and Colin Gray (2012-12) Absorptive capacity and ERP implementation in Indian medium-sized firms, In Journal of Global Information Management 4(20)

Colin Gray (2006-12) Absorptive capacity, knowledge management and innovation in entrepreneurial small firms, In International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research 6(12)

S. Marlow and Colin Gray (2005-11) Information and consultation in small and medium sized enterprises, In Adding Value through Information and Consultation, Palgrave Macmillan

Colin Gray and Christopher Mabey (2005-10-01) Management development: key differences between smalll and large businesses in Europe, In International Small Business Journal 5(23)

Colin Gray and G. Bannock (editors) (2005) ISBE report - government regulation and the small firm, Small Enterprise Research Team, Open University Business School

Colin Gray (2004-11-01) Management development in European small and medium enterprises, In Advances in Developing Human Resources 4(6)

Colin Gray (2004-08) Managing leaders, knowledge and technology in UK small firms, In Handbuch Führungskräfte-Entwicklung: Theorie, Praxis und Fallstudien, USP Publishing International

Colin Gray (2002-03) Entrepreneurship, resistance to change and growth in small firms, In Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 1(9)

Colin Gray and E. Gonsalves (2002-02-01) Organizational learning and entrepreneurial strategy, In International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1(3)

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