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Professor Doreen Massey

Professor Doreen Massey

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Professor Doreen Massey

Professor Doreen Massey

About me

Doreen Massey is professor of geography at The Open University.

Professor Doreen Massey's research

Doreen B. Massey (2008) When theory meets politics, In Antipode 3(40)

Doreen B. Massey (2008) Geography of high-tech spaces: Some reflections, Manohar

Doreen B. Massey and Richard Meegan (2007-08) Foreward, Sage Publications

Doreen B. Massey (2007-07-11) World city, Polity Press

Doreen B. Massey (2007-07) The world we're in: An interview with Ken Livingstone, In Soundings 36

John Urry et al. (2007-02) What is 'social' about social science?, In Twenty-First Century Society 1(2)

Stephan Harrison, Doreen B. Massey and Keith Richards (2006-12) Complexity and emergence (another conversation), In Area 4(38)

Doreen B. Massey (2006-07-01) Landscape as a provocation: reflections on moving mountains, In Journal of Material Culture 1-2(11)

Doreen B. Massey (2006-03) London inside-out, In Soundings 32

Doreen B. Massey (2006) The geographical mind, Geographical Association

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