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Dr Emma Barker

Dr Emma Barker

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Dr Emma Barker

Dr Emma Barker

About me

Emma Barker is a senior lecturer in art history at The Open University. She specialises in 18th and early 19th century French art. She is a member of the A207 course team, and has also written for Art and its Histories [A216] and Art of the Twentieth Century [AA318].

Dr Emma Barker's research

Emma Barker (2017-05-11) 'No Picture more Charming’: The Family Portrait in Eighteenth-Century France, In Art History 3(40)

Emma Barker (2016) Ghosts and Heroes: Girodet and the Ossianic Mode in Post-Revolutionary French Art, Routledge

Emma Barker (2013) Georgiana at Althorp: Spencer Family Portraits 1755-1783, Manchester University Press

Emma Barker (2012-01) Reading the Greuze Girl: the daughter's seduction, In Representations(117)

Emma Barker (2010-10) From Charity to Bienfaisance: Picturing Good Deeds in Late Eighteenth-Century France, In Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 3(33)

Emma Barker (2009-12-01) Imaging childhood in eighteenth-century France: Greuze's Little Girl with a Dog, In Art Bulletin 4(91)

Emma Barker (2009) Rehabilitating the Rococo, In Oxford Art Journal 2(32)

Emma Barker (2007-07) Mme Geoffrin, painting and galanterie: Carle Van Loo’s Conversation espagnole and Lecture espagnole, In Eighteenth-Century Studies 4(40)

Emma Barker (2007-04-02) Putting the viewer in the frame: Greuze as sentimentalist(72), Yale University Press

Emma Barker (2005-04) Greuze and the painting of sentiment, Cambridge University Press

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