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Dr Avi Boukli's Research & Publications

Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Justin Kotze (2018) Zemiology: reconnecting crime and social harm, Palgrave (forthcoming)
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Flora Renz (2018) Gender Murder: anti-trans rhetoric, zemia and telemorphosis, Palgrave (forthcoming)
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Flora Renz (2018) Deconstructing the LGBT Victim of Sex Trafficking: harm, exceptionality and religion-sexuality tensions, In International Review of Victimology
Professor Christopher Charles Bissell and Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli (2017-02-21) How the last man to see Sylvia Plath alive was punished for his quiet homosexuality, In The Conversation, The Conversation
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli (2016-05-22) Trafficking and the “Victim Industry” Complex 14, Springer
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Georgios Chatzopoulos (2015-12-01) Imaginary counter-trafficking penalties: A comparative analysis of Greece and the United Kingdom, In Journal of Trafficking, Organized Crime and Security 2(1)
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Justin Kotzé (2015-06-09) [Book Review] Invisible Crimes and Social Harms. By Pamela Davies, Peter Francis and Tanya Wyatt (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, 280pp. £65.00 hb), In British Journal of Criminology, Oxford University Press
Avi (Paraskevi) Boukli and Georgios Papanicolaou (2011) Sex, Trafficking and Crime Policy, Peter Lang Publishing Group

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