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Professor Elizabeth Daniel's Research & Publications

Professor Elizabeth Daniel, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Daniel Nunan (2018) Virtual Mobility and the Lonely Cloud: Theorizing the Mobility-Isolation Paradox for Self-Employed Knowledge-Workers in the Online Home-Based Business Context, In Journal of Management Studies 1(55)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel and Robyn Owen (2017-11-08) Self-efficacy and attitude to risk in the home-based self-employed: A longitudinal exploration, In Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference
Ana Isabel Canhoto et al. (2016) The role of customer management capabilities in public-private partnerships, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 5-6(25)
Muhammad Naveed Anwar and Professor Elizabeth Daniel (2017) Ethnic entrepreneurs and online home-based businesses: an exploratory study, In Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research(7)
Muhammad Naveed Anwar and Professor Elizabeth Daniel (2017) The Role of Entrepreneur-Venture Fit in Online Home-based Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Literature Review, In Journal of Enterprising Culture 4(24)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel, Elizabeth J. Hartnett and Maureen Meadows (2016-11-13) Don’t throw rocks from the side-lines: A sociomaterial exploration of organizational blogs as boundary objects, In Information, Technology and People 3(30)
Muhammad Naveed Anwar and Professor Elizabeth Daniel (2016) Entrepreneurial Marketing in Online Businesses: The Case of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs in the UK, In Qualitative Market Research: an international journal 3(19)
Seema Sharma and Professor Elizabeth Daniel (2016) Isomorphic Factors in the Adoption of ERP by Indian Medium-Sized Firms, In Journal of Enterprise Information Management 6(29)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick (2016) Entrepreneurship and Liminality: The Case of Self-Storage Based Businesses, In International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research 3(22)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Seema Sharma (2015-12-01) Effectuation and home-based online business entrepreneurs, In International Small Business Journal 8(33)

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