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Gerry Mooney is a senior lecturer in social policy and staff tutor, social sciences, for The Open University in Scotland and a member of the OU’s International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research. He also co-edited and wrote for the free Poverty in Scotland 2011 unit. 

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Timeline: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud

Featuring: Activity Activity
Timeline: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud
Introductory level Duration 20 mins Updated 24 May 2016
Explore the lives and works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud with our interactive timeline.

PodMag April 2016

Featuring: Audio Audio
PodMag April 2016 Copyrighted image Copyright: The Open University
Introductory level Duration 20 mins Updated 14 Apr 2016
PodMag is the monthly update of news, views and interviews from the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University.

Yachts, planes and buses... Mind the (inequality) gap

Yachts, planes and buses... Mind the (inequality) gap Copyrighted image Copyright: Artwork: Catherine Pain Copyright: The Open University
Introductory level Duration 15 mins Updated 02 Feb 2016
Gerry Mooney delves in to a new Oxfam report that lays bare the extraordinary level of inequality in the world. 

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Timeline: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud
Comment posted by Openlearn Moderator on 28th Jun 2016
Hi - many thanks for letting us know - the team are correcting it now. Best wishes OpenLearn Moderator
Timeline: Marx, Nietzsche and Freud
Comment posted by Charles Bland on 25th Jun 2016
I guess the date Marx started as a journalist should be 1842, not 1942 as in the article.
Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow: from tenements to riverside apartments Copyrighted image Copyright: Hilary Mooney
Comment posted by Katie Hector on 8th Feb 2016
This is all really interesting. It would be amazing if "The Secret History of our streets" was avaialble to view here or if the free booklet was still available. It's obviously disappointing to...
Settling Uncertainty? Reflections on the Scottish Independence Referendum Copyrighted image Copyright: Artwork by Gary Edwards © The Open University
Comment posted by Chris Platt on 6th Jan 2016
Brilliant! I especially like how you've mentioned the role of subversively conservative-funded media. I think the Tories have the greatest tool at their disposal in the media sector, but have...
Society and genetics Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC
Comment posted by Dante Tagle on 14th Oct 2014
Well articulated in few paragraphs!

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The Scottish Independence Debate: Class, Nation and the Politics of Criminal Justice Creative commons image Paul Buckinghamlicensed for reuse under CC BY-SA 2.0 under Creative-Commons license
Comment posted by Dr Gerry Mooney on 28th Jul 2014
Hi Carol, ...

Dr Gerry Mooney's research

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Gerry Mooney et al. (2015) Scottish criminal justice: Devolution, divergence and distinctiveness, In Criminology and Criminal Justice 2(15)

Gerry Mooney, Vikki McCall and Kirsteen Paton (2015) Exploring the use of large sporting events in the postcrash, post-welfare city: A ‘legacy’ of increasing insecurity?, In Local Economy 8(30)

Gerry Mooney et al. (2014-10) The potential of online academic communities for teaching staff: findings from a pilot study of the SocialLearn platform, In International Journal of Web Based Communities 4(10)

John H. McKendrick et al. (editors) (2014-03) Poverty in Scotland 2014: The Independence Referendum and Beyond, Child Poverty Action Group

Gerry Mooney (2014) Journal for the Study of British Cultures: Poverty, Königshausen & Neumann

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