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Dr Giles Mohan

Dr Giles Mohan

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Dr Giles Mohan

Dr Giles Mohan

About me

Dr Giles Mohan is a reader in the politics of international development at The Open University.

Dr Giles Mohan's research

Sarah Neal et al. (2018-09) Lived Experiences of Multiculture: The New Social and Spatial Relations of Diversity, Routledge

Katy Bennett et al. (2016) Negotiating the educational spaces of urban multiculture: Skills, competencies and college life, In Urban Studies 10(54)

Professor Giles Mohan, Kojo Pumpuni Asante and Abdul-Gafaru Abdulai (2017) Party Politics and the Political Economy of Ghana’s Oil, In New Political Economy

Sarah Neal et al. (2015) 'You can't move in Hackney without bumping into an anthropologist': why certain places attract research attention, In Qualitative Research 5(16)

Ben Lampert and Professor Giles Mohan (2015) Les migrants chinois, acteurs de changement au Ghana et au Nigeria: une présence transformatrice ?, Karthala

Ben Lampert and Professor Giles Mohan (2015-09) Making Space for African Agency in China-Africa Engagements: Ghanaian and Nigerian Patrons Shaping Chinese Enterprise, Rowman & Littlefield

Sarah Neal et al. (2015-06-01) Multiculture and public parks: researching super-diversity and attachment in public green space, In Population, Space and Place 5(21)

Professor Allan Cochrane et al. (2015-07) Życie w obliczu inności, czyli: jak zrozumieć współczesne miasta [Living with difference: making sense of the contemporary city],, In Smart Metropolia, Bernardinum

Professor Giles Mohan (2015) Queuing up for Africa: the geoeconomics of Africa’s growth and the politics of African agency, In International Development Planning Review 1(37)

Hannah Jones et al. (2015) Urban multiculture and everyday encounters in semi-public, franchised cafe spaces, In The Sociological Review 3(63)

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