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Professor Gill Perry

Professor Gill Perry

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Professor Gill Perry

Professor Gill Perry

About me

She was Head of the Art History Department from 2005-08, and Head of Research and external collaborations from 2005-2016. She was Reviews Editor of the journal Art History from 1995 – 2001 and a panel member (Panel 2) of the Arts and Humanities Research Council from 2006-2010. She founded the Open Arts Archive ( 2010, a major website and archive which stores collaborative events and art projects organized by the Open University and twenty collaborating museums and galleries across the UK.

She has published books, articles and catalogue introductions on twentieth century and contemporary European art, and eighteenth century British art, and has a particular interest in issues of gender difference within art history and visual culture. Her recent work has also focused on the role of mixed media and installation art in contemporary art and the ‘global contemporary’. She is currently researching the role of ‘islands’ in contemporary art for a forthcoming book and published articles.

Her publications include: Paula Modersohn-Becker: Her Life and Work, The Women’s Press, 1979; Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction (co-author), Yale UP, Placing Faces: The Portrait and the Country House in the Long Eighteenth Century (Manchester University Press, 2013). 1993; Femininity and Masculinity in Eighteenth Century Art and Culture (ed. and co-author), Manchester University Press, 1994; Women Artists and the Parisian Avant-Garde: Modernism and ‘Feminine’ Art 1900 to the late 1920s, Manchester University Press, 1995; Gender and Art (ed. and co-author), Yale University Press, 1999; Difference and Excess in Contemporary Art: The Visibility of Women’s Practice, (ed.) Blackwells, 2003; Themes in Contemporary Art, (co-ed. with Paul Wood and chap author) Yale University Press, 2004; Spectacular Flirtations: Viewing the Actress in British Art 1768-1820, Yale University Press, 2007 (shortlisted for the theatre book prize, 2008); Placing Faces: The Portrait and the Country House in the Long Eighteenth Century (co-ed. and chap author),Manchester University Press, 2013.She has curated several exhibitions, including The First Actresses: Nell Gwynn to Sarah Siddons, at the National Portrait Gallery London, 2011-2012, and Crystal World at the Royal Society, London, 2011.  Recent catalogue essays include ‘Drawn out Games’ on the work of Deanna Petherbridge (Whitworth Gallery/Circa Press, 2017). Relationships between gender and ‘home’ feature in her recent book Playing at Home: The House in Contemporary Art, Reaktion Books, 2013 and catalogue essay ‘Traces of Home and Changes of Skin’ for the exhibition Women House, Paris and Washington, 2017-18. Forthcoming: Islands in Contemporary Art, Reaktion Books, 2019

Professor Gill Perry's research

Professor Gillian Perry, Kate Retford and Jordan Vibert (editors) (2013-10) Placing Faces: the portrait and the English country house in the long eighteenth century, Manchester University Press

Professor Gillian Perry (2013) Playing at Home: The House in Contemporary Art, Reaktion books Ltd

Professor Gillian Perry, Joseph Roach and Shearer West (2011) The First Actresses: Nell Gwyn to Sarah Siddons, National Portrait Gallery and University of Michigan Press

Professor Gillian Perry (2011) Crystal World: Introduction 2202, The Royal Society

Professor Gillian Perry (2010) Portraiture and Celebrity in the Eighteenth Century: The Actress as a Work of Art, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

Professor Gillian Perry (2009) Watery Weather: Roni Horn in Iceland, In Art History 1(32)

Professor Gillian Perry (2008) Installations and exploding homes 3, Tate

Professor Gillian Perry (2007-10) Spectacular Flirtations: Viewing the Actress in British Art and Theatre 1768-1820, Yale University Press

Professor Gillian Perry (2005) Playing with Paint: 'Pink Onions', Statens Museum for Kunst

Professor Gillian Perry (2004-08) Dream houses: installations and the Home, Yale University Press

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