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Profile: Helen King

Helen King

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Profile: Helen King

Helen King

About me

Helen is Professor of Classical Studies at The Open University and created the FutureLearn MOOC, 'Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World' (

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Helen King's research

Professor Helen King (2018-05-16) 'First behead your viper’: acquiring knowledge in Galen’s poison stories, Routledge

Professor Helen King and Gabriella Zuccolin (2018) Rethinking nosebleeds: gendering spontaneous bleedings in medieval and early modern medicine, University of Pennsylvania Press

Professor Helen King (2018) Women and doctors in ancient Greece, Cambridge University Press

Professor Helen King (2015) Between male and female in ancient medicine 23, Fink Verlag

Professor Helen King and Jo Brown (2014-10-28) Thucydides and the plague, Wiley

Professor Helen King and Jerry Toner (2014-10-23) Medicine and the senses: humours, potions and spells, Bloomsbury

Patty Baker, Professor Helen King and Laurence Totelin (2014-08) Teaching ancient medicine: the issues of abortion, Ohio State University Press

S. Mays et al. (2012-02) An infant femur bearing cut marks from Roman Hambleden, England, In International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 1(24)

Professor Helen King (2013-12-16) Sex and gender: the Hippocratic case of Phaethousa and her beard, In EuGeStA: Journal on Gender Studies in Antiquity(3)

Professor Helen King (2013-10-29) Commentary: Fighting through fiction, In Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 4(37)

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