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Dr Ilona Roth

Dr Ilona Roth

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Dr Ilona Roth

Dr Ilona Roth

About me

Dr Ilona Roth is senior lecturer in psychology in the Department of Life Sciences at The Open University.

Dr Ilona Roth's research

Dejene Tilahun et al. (2017) Ethiopian community health workers' beliefs and attitudes towards children with autism: Impact of a brief training intervention, In Autism

B. Tekola et al. (2016-07) Challenges and opportunities to improve autism services in low-income countries: lessons from a situational analysis in Ethiopia, In Global mental health e21(3)

Rachel Grove, Ilona Ann Roth and Rosa Anna Hoekstra (2015) The motivation for special interests in individuals with autism and controls: Development and validation of the special interest motivation scale, In Autism Research 6(9)

Robin G. Morris et al. (2015) Awareness of memory task impairment versus everyday memory difficulties in dementia, In Journal of Neuropsychology 1(10)

Linda Clare et al. (2014-06) Trajectories of quality of life in early-stage dementia: individual variations and predictors of change, In International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 6(29)

Ivana S. Marková et al. (2014-04) Phenomena of awareness in dementia: heterogeneity and its implications, In Consciousness and Cognition(25)

Robert T. Woods et al. (2014) What contributes to a good quality of life in early dementia? awareness and the QoL-AD: a cross-sectional study., In Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 94(12)

Linda Clare et al. (2012) Self-concept in early stage dementia: profile, course, correlates, predictors and implications for quality of life, In International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 5(28)

Linda Clare et al. (2013) Memory awareness profiles differentiate mild cognitive impairment from early-stage dementia: evidence from assessments of performance monitoring and evaluative judgement, In Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders(35)

Linda Clare et al. (2012) “She might have what I have got”: the potential utility of vignettes as an indirect measure of awareness in early-stage dementia, In Aging & Mental Health 5(16)

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