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Dr Ilona Roth's Research & Publications

Robin G. Morris et al. (2015) Awareness of memory task impairment versus everyday memory difficulties in dementia, In Journal of Neuropsychology 1(10)
Linda Clare et al. (2014-06) Trajectories of quality of life in early-stage dementia: individual variations and predictors of change, In International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 6(29)
Ivana S. Marková et al. (2014-04) Phenomena of awareness in dementia: heterogeneity and its implications, In Consciousness and Cognition(25)
Robert T. Woods et al. (2014) What contributes to a good quality of life in early dementia? awareness and the QoL-AD: a cross-sectional study., In Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 94(12)
Linda Clare et al. (2012) Self-concept in early stage dementia: profile, course, correlates, predictors and implications for quality of life, In International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 5(28)

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