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Dr Jacqui Gabb's OpenLearn Profile

Dr Jacqui Gabb

Dr Jacqui Gabb

About me

 Dr Gabb is a senior lecturer in social policy at The Open University. 

Dr Jacqui Gabb's research

Meg John Barker and Professor Jacqui Gabb (2016-02-04) The Secrets of Enduring Love: How to Make Relationships Last, Vermilion

Jill M. Chonody et al. (2016) Measuring Relationship Quality in an International Study: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Validity, In Research on Social Work Practice

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2016) Qualitative Research: Methods and Methodology(3), Sage

Professor Jacqui Gabb and Reenee Singh (2015-04) Reflections on the challenges of understanding racial, cultural and sexual differences in couple relationship research, In Journal of Family Therapy 2(37)

Professor Jacqui Gabb and Reenee Singh (2015-03) The uses of emotion maps in research and clinical practice with families and couples: methodological innovation and critical inquiry, In Family Process 1(54)

Professor Jacqui Gabb and Janet Fink (2015) Couple Relationships in the 21st Century, Palgrave Macmillan

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2013) Embodying risk: managing father–child intimacy and the display of nudity in families, In Sociology 4(47)

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2012-10) Qualitative Research on LGBT-Parent Families, Springer

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2012-05-09) The affect of methods, Palgrave Macmillan

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2011-11) Family lives and relational living: taking account of otherness, In Sociological Research Online 4(16)

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