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Profile: Dr Julia Downes

Dr Julia Downes

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Profile: Dr Julia Downes

Dr Julia Downes

About me

Lecturer in Criminology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, The Open University


Dr Julia Downes's research

Julia Downes (2017-12) “It’s Not the Abuse That Kills You, It’s the Silence”: The silencing of sexual violence activism in social justice movements in the UK Left, In Justice, Power and Resistance 2(1)

Clare McGlynn, Julia Downes and Nicole Westmarland (2017) Seeking Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence: recognition, voice and consequences, Routledge (In Press)

Julia Downes, Karis Hanson and Rebecca Hudson (2016-09-21) Salvage: Gendered Violence in Activist Communities, Footprinters Workers Co-op

Julia Downes (2014-12) ‘We are turning cursive letters into knives’: the synthesis of the written word, sound and action in riot grrrl cultural resistance, Ashgate

Julia Downes, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland (2014-02-28) Ethics in violence and abuse research - a positive empowerment approach, In Sociological Research Online 1(19)

Julia Downes, Maddie Breeze and Naomi Griffin (2013-09) Researching DIY cultures: towards a situated ethical practice for activist-academia, In Graduate Journal of Social Science 3(10)

Julia Downes(editor) (2012-09) Women Make Noise: Girl bands from Motown to modern, Supernova Books

Julia Downes (2012-01-11) The expansion of punk rock: riot grrrl challenges to gender power relations in British indie music subcultures, In Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2(41)

Julia Downes (2008) ‘Let Me Hear You Depoliticise My Rhyme’: Queer Feminist Cultural Activisms and Disruptions of Conventional Protest, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Julia Downes (2007) Riot Grrrl: The legacy and contemporary landscape of DIY feminist cultural activism, Black Dog Publishing

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