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Professor Jan Draper's Research & Publications

Elisabeth Clark, Professor Jan Draper and Ruth Taylor (2018-05-24) Healthcare education research: The case for rethinking hierarchies of evidence, In Journal of Advanced Nursing, Wiley
Professor Jan Draper, Elisabeth Clark and Jill Rogers (2016-02-01) Manager's role in maximizing investment in continuing professional education, In Nursing Management 9(22)
Professor Jan Draper (2015-05-06) Ethnography: principles, practice and potential, In Nursing Standard 36(29)
Elisabeth Clark, Professor Jan Draper and Jill Rogers (2015) Illuminating the process: evaluating the impact of continuing professional education on practice, In Nurse Education Today 2(35)
Professor Jan Draper (2014-10) Embodied practice: rediscovering the 'heart' of nursing, In Journal of Advanced Nursing 10(70)
Josephine Tetley and Professor Jan Draper (2014-03) Editorial: ‘Slaying the myth’ of the overqualified nurse: the graduate nurse and older people, In International Journal of Older People 1(9)
Professor Jan Draper et al. (2014-02-06) The role of the hospice volunteer in community settings, In Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series
Josephine Tetley and Professor Jan Draper (2013-11) Transforming dementia and end-of-life care by investing in learning and development, In International Practice Development Journal 2(3)

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