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Professor James Fleck

Professor James Fleck

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Professor James Fleck

Professor James Fleck

About me

James Fleck is dean and professor of innovation dynamics at The Open University.

Professor James Fleck's research

Professor Eileen Scanlon et al. (2013) Beyond prototypes: Enabling innovation in technology-enhanced learning, Open University

James Fleck (2012-01) Blended learning and learning communities: opportunities and challenges, In Journal of Management Development 4(31)

James Fleck (2010-04-15) Technology and business schools, In e-mentor 34(2)

James Fleck (2008) Technology and the business school world, In Journal of Management Development 4(27)

James Fleck (2004-12-01) The structure of technological evolutions: linear models, configurations, and systems of development, Science History Publications

James Fleck (2003-08-01) Managing knowledge in the design of smart products: Persona, the electronic contraceptive, In Innovation Management in the Knowledge Economy 7, Imperial College Press

James Fleck and John Howells (2001-12-02) Technology, the technology complex and the paradox of technological determinism, In Technology Analysis and Strategic Management 4(13)

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