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Dr Joe Smith

Dr Joe Smith

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Dr Joe Smith

Dr Joe Smith

About me

Joe is senior lecturer at The Open University, focussing on environmental policy and politics.


Dr Joe Smith's research

George Revill, Kim Hammon and Professor Joe Smith (2018) Digital archives, e-books and narrative space, In Area (), Wiley-Blackwell

Professor Joe Smith (2017-12-01) Climate Change and Television: What the Paris Agreement means for broadcasters, International Broadcasting Trust

Professor Joe Smith and Renata Tyszczuk (2017-10-01) How can we make things better?, Metis (In Press)

Professor Joe Smith et al. (2017-07-28) Gathering around stories: Interdisciplinary experiments in support of energy system transitions, In Energy Research & Social Science

Professor Joe Smith (2017-06-13) Demanding stories: television coverage of sustainability, climate change and material demand, In Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 2095(375)

Professor Joe Smith, Tomáš Kostelecký and Petr Jehlička (2015) Quietly does it: questioning assumptions about class, sustainability and consumption, In Geoforum(67)

Professor Joe Smith (2015-01) Geographies of interdependence, In Geography 1(100)

Professor Joe Smith (2014-07-15) The world in a wardrobe: expressing notions of care in the economy and everyday life, Routledge

Professor Joe Smith, Renata Tyszczuk and Robert Butler (editors) (2014-01) Culture and Climate Change: Narratives(2), Shed

Mark A. Brandon et al. (2013-12-12) Broadcasting environmental knowledge: Open University & BBC collaborations serving massive global audiences, In American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2013.

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