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Dr Jenny Meegan

Dr Jenny Meegan

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Dr Jenny Meegan

Dr Jenny Meegan

About me

Dr Jenny Meegan is currently Senior Faculty Manager for Social Sciences in Ireland. She worked with Open University students in Ireland between 1982 and 2010 as a Tutor Counsellor/Associate Lecturer on Level One Social Sciences courses. She was a member of the course team for ‘Introducing the Social Sciences’ (DD101). From 1986, she taught students across Ireland who studied the geography courses ‘Changing Britain, Changing World: geographical perspectives’ (D205), ‘The Shape of the World?’ (D215) and ‘Living in a Globalised World’ (DD205). She also taught the Masters level module ‘The Challenge of the Social Sciences’ (D820). Jenny was a member of the course teams for ‘Introducing the Social Sciences’ (DD101), ‘The Shape of the World?’ (D215), ‘Living in a Globalised World’ (DD205) and ‘The Challenge of the Social Sciences’ (D820). She contributed to the production of Course Guides, Learning Companions and audio discussions, and authored, with Matt Staples, ‘Preparing for Study’ for 'Introducing the Social Sciences’ (DD101).

Jenny tutored Open University Social Sciences and Geography students in the Northern Ireland prisons between 1983-2005. 

Her research interests include action research, oral history, migration studies, conflict resolution, community development, prison crafts and issues of space, place and environment in Ireland. 

She is the co author of Lambkin B and Meegan J (2005), 'The Fabric Of Memory, Identity And Diaspora: An Irish Needlework Sampler In Australia With United States And Canadian    Connections', Folk Life Journal Of Ethnological Studies, vol 43, 2004 -2005, pp. 7-31.

Meegan, B. and Meegan, J. (2005) ‘Thomas D’Arcy McGee And His Sisters and Brother In Ireland, America And Australia: Their Mother’s Grave In Wexford’, Journal of The Wexford Historical Society, vol 20, 2004-2005, pp. 56-74.