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Profile: Dr James Warren

Dr James Warren

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Profile: Dr James Warren

Dr James Warren

About me

James Warren is an Open University senior lectuter in the School of Engineering and Innovation. His doctorate is in the physical sciences and his main interests are situated in modelling energy and emissions, using applied scenarios, to map emissions of transport systems. By understanding the baseline energy use we can re-design transport systems in order to be more sustainable. I am currently working on various projects looking at public transport and development.

Dr James Warren's research

Professor Robin Roy and James Patrick Warren (2018) Card-based Tools For Creative And Systematic Design, In Design Research Society 2018 - Catalyst (DRS2018 Limerick)

James Patrick Warren (2017-11-15) Deep Geothermal Energy, Oxford University Press

Emily Morris, Adriana Ortegon-Sanchez and James Patrick Warren (2015-07-15) Movilidad sostenible: un proyecto viable para las ciudades cubanas [Sustainable Mobility - a viable project for Cuban cities], In Temas 83

Rachel Slater et al. (2015-04) Institutional change for improving accessibility in the design and delivery of distance learning – the role of faculty accessibility specialists at The Open University, In Open Learning 1(30)

James Patrick Warren et al. (2015-03-13) Developing an equitable and sustainable mobility strategy for Havana, In Cities(45)

James Patrick Warren and Adriana Ortegon-Sanchez (2015) Designing and modelling Havana’s future bus rapid transit, In Proceedings of the Insitution of Civil Engineers - Urban Design and Planning 2(169)

James Patrick Warren and Marcus P. Enoch (2014-04-30) Transport practices in Amish communities, In Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies 1(2)

Marcus P. Enoch and James Patrick Warren (2014-02) Discussion: Potential for carfree development in the UK - categorising carfree communities, In Proceedings of the Insitution of Civil Engineers - Urban Design and Planning 1(167)

Paul Hodgson et al. (2013-03) Can bus really be the new tram?, In Research in Transportation Economics 1(39)

James Patrick Warren and Petros Ieromonachou (2013-01) Can rail/sail compete with air travel to Cyprus? A comparison of emissions, In Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment(18)

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