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Professor John Storey

Professor John Storey

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Professor John Storey's Research & Publications

Professor John Storey, Dave Ulrich and Patrick M. Wright (2019) Strategic Human Resource Management: A Research Overview, Routledge/Taylor & Francis (In Press)
Professor John Storey et al. (2018-01) Clinical leadership in service redesign using Clinical Commissioning Groups: a mixed-methods study, In Health Services and Delivery Research, Health Services and Delivery Research, Vol.6 No.2
Martin Marshall et al. (2018) GP leadership in clinical commissioning groups: a qualitative multi-case study approach across England, In British Journal of General Practice
Professor John Storey and John Graham Salaman (2017-07) Employee ownership and the drive to do business responsibly: A study of the John Lewis Partnership, In Oxford Review of Economic Policy 2(33)
Professor John Storey et al. (editors) (2016-06) The Routledge Companion to Leadership, Routledge
Imanol Basterretxea and Professor John Storey (2017) Do employee-owned firms produce more positive employee behavioural outcomes? If not why not? A British-Spanish comparative analysis, In British Journal of Industrial Relations 2(56)
Professor John Storey et al. (2017) Mobilizing Clinical Leadership in and around Clinical Commissioning Groups: A mixed methods study, In NIHR Journal Library Publications, The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
John Graham Salaman and Professor John Storey (2016-04) A Better Way of Doing Business? Lessons from the John Lewis Partnership, Oxford University Press
Professor John Storey(editor) (2016-04) Leadership in Organizations: Current issues and key trends (3rd edition), Routledge
Professor John Storey (2016-01-29) Human Resource Management, Edward Elgar

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