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Dr Jovan Byford

Dr Jovan Byford

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Dr Jovan Byford

Dr Jovan Byford

About me

Jovan Byford lectures in psychology at the Open University.


Dr Jovan Byford's research

Jovan Byford (2018) Picturing Jasenovac: Images between “evidence” and “propaganda”, Böhlau Verlag

Jovan Byford and Cristian Tileaga (2016) Accounts of a troubled past: Psychology, history, and texts of experience, In Qualitative Psychology 1(4)

Cristian Tileaga and Jovan Byford (2016) Qualitative psychology and the archive: Introduction to the special section, In Qualitative Psychology 1(4)

Jovan Byford and Cristian Tileagă (2014-11) Social psychology, history, and the study of the Holocaust: the perils of interdisciplinary “borrowing”, In Peace and Conflict 4(20)

Jovan Byford (2014-04) Remembering Jasenovac: survivor testimonies and the cultural dimension of bearing witness., In Holocaust and Genocide Studies 1(28)

Jovan Byford (2014-03-24) Beyond belief: the social psychology of conspiracy theories and the study of ideology, Routledge

Cristian Tileagă and Jovan Byford (editors) (2014-02-20) Psychology and History: Interdisciplinary Explorations, Cambridge University Press

Jovan Byford (2013-07-01) Between marginalisation and instrumentalization: Holocaust memory in Serbia since the late 1980s, University of Nebraska Press

Jovan Byford (2013-05) Testimony, Edinburgh University Press

Jovan Byford (2012-04-04) Négocier un lieu dans la mémoire collective pour la destruction des Juifs de Serbie : le cas du Judenlager Semlin [Negotiating a place for the destruction of Jews in Serbian public memory: the case of the Semlin Judenlager], Non Lieu

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