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Professor Kevin McConway

Professor Kevin McConway

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Professor Kevin McConway

Professor Kevin McConway

About me

Kevin McConway is Professor of Applied Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The Open University.

Professor Kevin McConway's research

Professor Kevin McConway (2016-01-01) Statistics and the media: A statistician’s view, In Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 1(17)

G. Kafatos et al. (2014) Estimating seroprevalence of vaccine-preventable infections: is it worth standardizing the serological outcomes to adjust for different assays and laboratories?, In Epidemiology and Infection 11(143)

Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2015-02-02) Crowdsourcing the identification of organisms: a case-study of iSpot, In ZooKeys(480)

George Kafatos et al. (2013-01) Regression models for censored serological data, In Journal of Medical Microbiology 1(62)

Nicola L. Dallas et al. (2012-12) The results of real time brachytherapy for the management of low and intermediate risk prostate cancer in patients with prostate volumes up to 100 ml, In BJU International 3(110)

Yoseph Negusse Araya et al. (2012-11) Do niche-structured plant communities exhibit phylogenetic conservatism? A test case in an endemic clade, In Journal of Ecology 6(100)

Jennifer Worthington et al. (2012-04) Evolution MegaLab: a case study in citizen science methods, In Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2(3)

Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2011-04-27) Citizen science reveals unexpected continental-scale evolutionary change in a model organism, In PloS one 4(6)

Yoseph Negusse Araya et al. (2011-01) A fundamental, eco-hydrological basis for niche segregation in plant communities, In New Phytologist 1(189)

Yoseph Negusse Araya et al. (2010-11) Variation in δ13C among species and sexes in the family Restionaceae along a fine-scale hydrological gradient, In Austral Ecology 7(35)

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