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Dr Korina Giaxoglou

Dr Korina Giaxoglou

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Dr Korina Giaxoglou

Dr Korina Giaxoglou

About me

Korina Giaxoglou joined the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University in January 2016 as Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and English Language

Dr Korina Giaxoglou's research

Korina Giaxoglou and Katrin Döveling (2018-01-01) Mediatization of Emotion on Social Media: Forms and Norms in Digital Mourning Practices, In Social Media + Society 1(4)

Korina Giaxoglou (2017) Storying leaks for sharing: The case of leaking the “Moscovici draft” on Twitter, In Discourse, Context & Media(19)

Korina Giaxoglou (2017-09-19) #JeSuisCharlie? Hashtags as narrative resources in contexts of ecstatic sharing, In Discourse, Context & Media

Korina Giaxoglou (2017) Reflections on internet research ethics from language-focused research on web-based mourning: revisiting the private/public distinction as a language ideology of differentiation, In Applied Linguistics Review 2-3(8)

Korina Giaxoglou, Katrin Döveling and Stacey Pitsillides (2017-04) Networked Emotions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sharing Loss Online, In Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 1(61)

Korina Giaxoglou and T. Spilioti (2017) Mediatizing death and suffering: rescripting visual stories of the refugee crisis as distant witnessing and mourning, De Boeck

Tereza Spilioti and Korina Giaxoglou (2016) Scaling the field of intercultural communication: reflections on trajectories of culture, Cambridge Scholars

Korina Giaxoglou (2015-09) 'Everywhere I go, you're going with me': Time and space deixis as affective positioning resources in shared moments of digital mourning, In Discourse, Context & Media(9)

Korina Giaxoglou (2015) Entextualising mourning on Facebook: stories of grief as acts of sharing, In New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 1-2(21)

Korina Giaxoglou and Tereza Spilioti (2014-08-01) [Book review] Narrative Revisited: Telling a Story in the Age of New Media, In Discourse and Communication 3(8), SAGE Research

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