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Kirstie Ball is senior lecturer in organisation studies at the Open University Business School.

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Mass surveillance just doesn’t work

Mass surveillance just doesn’t work Copyrighted image Copyright: Flynt |
Introductory level Duration 15 mins Updated 10 Dec 2014
Are the government's plans (or hopes) to collect information on everyone and everything infeasible?

Who's watching you work? Surveillance in business

Who's watching you work? Surveillance in business Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 01 May 2006
Businesses are increasingly using surveillance techniques and technologies to keep an eye on customers and employees.

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Who's watching you work? Surveillance in business Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC
Comment posted by Susan Scherzinger on 23rd Dec 2011
I am surprise to read that we can be caught on camera up to 300 times merely by walking around the streets and implanting RFID chips in its employees’ skin for access control purposes. ...

Dr Kirstie Ball's research

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Maureen Meadows et al. (2010-09-12) Transferring the ‘War on Terror’ to the private sector: practice perspective on organisational tensions, In Strategic Management Society 30th Annual International Conference

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