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Profile: Dr Luciano Batista

Dr Luciano Batista

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Profile: Dr Luciano Batista

Dr Luciano Batista

Dr Luciano Batista's research

Luciano C. Batista et al. (2013-09-11) Improving organisational responsiveness through CRM – the dynamics of strategy, information systems, and staff empowerment, In British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings, British Academy of Management

Luciano C. Batista et al. (2012-09-13) Improving organisational responsiveness through CRM – strategy, system effectiveness and staff empowerment perspectives, In 6th European Conference on Information Management and Evaluation (ECIME 2012)

Luciano C. Batista (2012) Translating Trade and Transport Facilitation into Strategic Operations Performance Objectives, In Supply Chain Management: an International Journal 2(17)

Vikas Kumar, Luciano C. Batista and Roger Maull (2011) The impact of operations performance on customer loyalty, In Service Science 2(3)

Luciano C. Batista and Marc A. Cornock (2009-09-18) Information sharing in e-government initiatives: Freedom of Information and Data Protection issues concerning local government, In Journal of Information, Law & Technology 2

Luciano C. Batista (2009-09) Key operations performance factors on trade and transport facilitation, In Logistics Research Network Conference

Luciano C. Batista, Andi Smart and Roger Maull (2008-07) The systemic perspective of service processes: underlying theory, architecture and approach, In Production Planning and Control 5(19)

Luciano C. Batista (2007-09) CRM Practices and Resources for the Development of Customer-focused Multinational Organizations, IGI Global / Information Science Reference

Rui da Silva and Luciano C. Batista (2007) Boosting government reputation through CRM, In International Journal of Public Sector Management 7(20)

Luciano C. Batista (2007) CRM practices and resources for the development of customer-focused multinational organizations, Information Science Reference

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