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Lisa Claydon's Research & Publications

Lisa Claydon (2017-12-01) Brain-based mind reading for lawyers: reflecting on possibilities and perils, In Journal of Law and the Biosciences 3(4)
Lisa Claydon (2016-12-15) Cognitive Neuroscience, Criminal Justice and Control, Routledge
Lisa Claydon and Caroline Roediger (2016) Fear, loss of control and cognitive neuroscience, In European Journal of Current Legal Issues 2(22)
Paul Catley and Lisa Claydon (2015-11-01) The use of neuroscientific evidence in the courtroom by those accused of criminal offenses in England and Wales, In Journal of Law and the Biosciences 3(2)
Lisa Claydon (2015-07-01) Reforming automatism and insanity: neuroscience and claims of lack of capacity for control, In Medicine, Science and the Law 3(55)
Lisa Claydon (2012-03-01) Are there lessons to be learned from a more scientific approach to mental condition defences?, In International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 2(35)
Lisa Claydon and Paul Catley (2011-09-14) Neuroscientific evidence in the English courts, Springer

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