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Dr Leslie Budd

Dr Leslie Budd

About me

Leslie Budd is reader in social enterprise at The Open University Business School.

Dr Leslie Budd's research

Alessandro Sancino and Leslie Charles Budd (2017-11-24) City Leadership and Social Regeneration: The Potential of Community Leadership and the New Roles for Public Managers and Politicians, Routledge

Leslie Charles Budd et al. (2017) Sport as a complex adaptive system for place-based leadership: Comparing five European cities with different administrative and socio-cultural traditions, In Local Economy 4(32)

Leslie Charles Budd and Alessandro Sancino (2016-06-16) Sport as a system of city leadership: comparing the case of Milton Keynes (UK) and Brescia (Italy), In Regions 1(302), Regions Magazine, Regional Studies Association

Leslie Charles Budd and Alessandro Sancino (2016-02-05) A Framework for city leadership in multilevel governance settings: the comparative contexts of Italy and the UK, In Regional Studies, Regional Science 1(3)

Chris J. Martin, Paul Upham and Leslie Charles Budd (2015) Commercial orientation and grassroots social innovation: insight from the sharing economy., In Ecological Economics(118)

Ivan John Horrocks and Leslie Charles Budd (2015-01) Into the void: a realist evaluation of the eGovernment for You (EGOV4U) project, In Evaluation 1(21)

Leslie Charles Budd et al. (2012-12) eGovernment for You: Impact Evaluation Framework, The Open University

Leslie Charles Budd et al. (2012-12) eGovernment for You: Work Package 7: Impact Evaluation: Training and Support Materials, Schedules and Methods, The Open University

Leslie Charles Budd (2012-07-19) The potential role of Regional Development Agencies in achieving the priorities of Europe 2020 in the context of the Financial Crisis, Routledge

Leslie Charles Budd (2012-02) Re-regulating the financial system: the return of the state or societal corporatism?, In Contemporary Social Science 1(7)

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