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Dr Linda Wilks

Dr Linda Wilks

About me

Linda Wilks is a Visiting Research Fellow in The Open University Business School. 


Dr Linda Wilks's research

Linda Wilks (2015) The lived experience of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic volunteers: a serious leisure perspective., In Leisure Studies 5(35)

Linda Wilks (2016) Communicating an arts foundation’s values: sights, sounds and social media, In Arts and the Market 2(6)

Linda Wilks (2015-07-20) A ‘Big’ legacy? Evaluating volunteers’ experiences of London 2012 and beyond, Routledge

Linda Wilks (2015-06-01) A new model of volunteer leadership: lessons from a local festival, In Voluntary Sector Review 2(6)

Linda Wilks (2014-11-28) The special challenges of marketing the arts festival, Routledge

Bernadette Quinn and Linda Wilks (2013-02-28) Festival connections: people, place and social capital, Routledge

Linda Wilks (2013-02-28) Introduction: the need to understand the social dimensions of events, Routledge

Greg Richards, Marisa P. de Brito and Linda Wilks (editors) (2013-02-28) Exploring the Social Impacts of Events, Routledge

Linda Wilks (2013) Exploring social and cultural diversity within 'Black British Jazz' audiences, In Leisure Studies 4(32)

Linda Wilks and Nick Pearce (2011-03-22) Fostering an ecology of openness: the role of social media in public engagement at the Open University, UK 3, Emerald Publishing Group

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