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Dr Lisa Lazard

Dr Lisa Lazard

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Dr Lisa Lazard

Dr Lisa Lazard

Dr Lisa Lazard's research

Lisa Lazard and Jean M. McAvoy (2018) Doing Reflexivity in Psychological Research – What’s the Point? What’s the practice?, In Qualitative Research in Psychology

Lisa Lazard, Hale Bolak Boratav and Helen Clegg (2016-08-01) Special Focus: Revisiting ‘‘the woman question’’, In Feminism and Psychology 3(26)

Lisa Lazard, Jean M. McAvoy and Rose Capdevila (2016-04-21) Postmodern feminist psychology, Wiley Blackwell

Lisa Lazard, Jean M. McAvoy and Rose Capdevila (2016-04-01) Postmodern Feminist Approaches to Psychology, Wiley-Blackwell

Helen Owton and Lisa Lazard (2016-03-01) Why sportspeople convicted of violence against women forfeit their right to be ‘stars', The Conversation

Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard (2015-04-26) Psychology of women: questions of politics and practice, Routledge

Sandra Roper et al. (2015) How is this feminist again? Q as a feminist methodology, In Psychology of Women Section Review(17)

Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard (2014) Gender, Overview, Springer-Verlag

Jane E. M. Callaghan and Lisa Lazard (2012-08) ‘Please don’t put the whole dang thing out there!’: A discursive analysis of internet discussions around infant feeding, In Psychology & Health 8(27)

Samantha Mungham and Lisa Lazard (2011-08-07) Virtually Experts: Exploring constructions of mothers’ advice-seeking in online parenting communities, In Radical Psychology: A Journal of Psychology, Politics, and Radicalism 2(9)

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