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Tita Beaven

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Tita Beaven

About me

---- is a senior lecturer in Spanish in the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University.

After working as an EFL teacher in Italy, an Associate lecturer for the Arts Faculty at the Open University, and a leacturer in Spanish at De Montfort university, ---- joined the Department of Languages at the OU in 1997. Since then, she has worked on the development of the OU Spanish courses, writing and coordinating a number of OU Spanish course books and other teaching materials, including AV and e-learning resources.---- has also worked on the development of the Italian beginner's course, and the interdisciplinary course L161, Exploring Languages and Cultures.


Tita Beaven 's research

Tita Beaven, Mara Fuertes Gutierrez and Anna Motzo (2017) The Language Exchange Programme: plugging the gap in formal learning,

Tita Beaven (2016-06-25) Is developing employability skills relevant to adult language students?,

Tita Beaven (2015-01) OER (re)use and language teachers’ tacit professional knowledge: three vignettes,

Ursula Stickler et al. (2015) Teaching and learning online – Developing your skills to develop others.(48), Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren e.V.

Tita Beaven, Tatiana Codreanu and Alix Creuzé (2014-12) Motivation in a language MOOC: issues for course designers, De Gruyter Open

Tita Beaven et al. (2014-03) MOOCs: striking the right balance between facilitation and self-determination, In Journal of Online Learning and Teaching 1(10)

Tita Beaven et al. (2013-12) The Open Translation MOOC: creating online communities to transcend linguistic barriers, In Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Sandrine Aguerre, Bill Alder and Tita Beaven (2013-05-03) ’4 profs, 4 pays’: lessons from a four-way tele-collaborative writing project, In Francophonie 47

Tita Beaven (2013-03-26) Qualitative methods for researching teachers’ (re)use of OER, In OER13: Creating a Virtuous Circle

Tita Beaven et al. (2013-03) The Open Translation MOOC: creating online communities to transcend linguistic barriers, In OER 13 Creating a virtuous circle

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