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Michael Pryke

Michael Pryke

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Michael Pryke

Michael Pryke

About me

Michael Pryke is Head of School of Politics, Philosophy, Economics, Development and Geography at The Open University, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cultural Economy.

Michael Pryke's research

Michael D. Pryke and Professor John Allen (2018) Financialising Urban Water Infrastructure: Extracting Local Value, Distributing Value Globally, In Urban Studies

Michael D. Pryke (2017-03) ‘This time it’s different’ . . . and why it matters: the shifting geographies of money, finance and risks, Edward Elgar

Professor John Allen and Michael D. Pryke (2016-05) Offshoring the Nation's water, The Smith Institute

Professor John Allen and Michael D. Pryke (2013) Financializing household water: Thames water, MEIF, and 'ring-fenced' politics, In Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society 3(6)

Michael D. Pryke (2012-05-17) Joining the dots, In Cultural Anthropology

Michael D. Pryke (2011) Geographies of economic growth: money and finance, Sage

Michael D. Pryke (2010) Money's eyes: the visual preparation of financial markets, In Economy and Society 4(39)

Michael D. Pryke and Paul Du Gay (2007-08) Take an issue: cultural economy and finance, In Economy and Society 3(36)

Michael D. Pryke (2007-05) Geomeoney: an option on frost, going long on clouds, In Geoforum 3(38)

Michael D. Pryke (2006-11-27) Counting: finance, debt, banking and the global casino 2nd edition, Routledge

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