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Profile: Dr Maria Leedham

Dr Maria Leedham

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Profile: Dr Maria Leedham

Dr Maria Leedham

About me

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I am a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and English Language in the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics and am Co-I on the ESRC-funded Writing in professional social work practice in a changing communicative landscape (WiSP). I hold a BA in Linguistics (Lancaster University), MSc TESOL (Aston University, distance learning) and a PhD (The Open University). I have also qualified as a teacher trainer on Cambridge ESOL CELTA courses and hold the RSA/UCLES Diploma in TEFLA (Edinburgh University). Prior to working at The Open University in 2009, I taught EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and was a teacher trainer at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University. I have also taught EAP and English language at Gyosei College for Japanese Students (Reading, UK), language schools in Oxford, UK and at a secondary school in Iwate, Japan. From 2005-07 I was a Research Assistant at Oxford Brookes on a project resulting in the British English Written English corpus (BAWE).

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Dr Maria Leedham's research

Professor Theresa Lillis, Maria Leedham and Alison Twiner (2017-09-01) Writing in contemporary social work: texts, technologies and trajectories, In BAAL2017: British Association for Applied Linguistics Conference

Maria Leedham and Maria Fernandez-Parra (2017-03) Recounting and reflecting: The use of first person pronouns in Chinese, Greek and British students' assignments in engineering, In Journal of Englsh for Academic Purposes(26)

Professor Theresa Lillis, Maria Leedham and Alison Twiner (2016-11) Combining ethnography and corpus to research writing practices in social work: challenges and opportunities in methodology, epistemology and application, In ALAPP 2016 (Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice Conference)

Professor Theresa Lillis et al. (2016-07) ‘If it’s not written down it didn’t happen’: Social worker perspectives on contemporary writing and recording demands, In Joint Social Work Education and Research Conference (JSWEC) 2016

Maria Leedham (2015-11) Learning from lecturers: What disciplinary practice can teach us about ‘good’ student writing, The WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press

Maria Leedham (2015-08-27) Chinese Students’ Writing in English: Implications from a Corpus-Driven Study, Routledge

Maria Leedham (2015-02) Chinese Students’ Writing in English: Using visuals and lists, In English Teaching in China (ETiC)(6)

Maria Leedham (2014-08) Book review: Literacy in the digital university, In System(45), Elsevier

Maria Leedham (2014-07-10) ‘Enjoyable’, ‘okay’, or ‘like drawing teeth’? Chinese and British students’ views on writing assignments in UK Universities, In Writing Development in Higher Education: Future Directions in Academic Writing (WDHE 2014)

Maria Leedham (2014-02) Tutor and student perspectives on multimodal features of undergraduate assignments, In Writing Research Across Borders (WRAB)

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