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Profile: Dr Meg John Barker

Dr Meg John Barker

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Profile: Dr Meg John Barker

Dr Meg John Barker

About me

Meg John Barker is a registered psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, and a lecturer in psychology with The Open University.

Dr Meg John Barker's research

Meg John Barker (2018-03-15) The Psychology of Sex, Routledge

Meg John Barker (2018-03-14) Rewriting the Rules: An Anti-Self-Help Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships [second edition], Routledge

Meg John Barker, Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey (2018-03) Mediated Intimacy: Sex Advice in Media Culture, Polity

Justin Hancock and Meg John Barker (2018-02-26) The use of porn in sex and relationships education, In Porn Studies 1(5), Informa UK Limited

Alex Iantaffi and Meg John Barker (2018) How to Understand Your Gender: A Practical Guide for Exploring Who You Are, Jessica Kingsley

Meg John Barker, Ben Vincent and Jos Twist (2018) Non-binary Identity, Unbound

Meg John Barker and Alex Iantaffi (2017-12-16) Psychotherapy, Palgrave Macmillan

S. Bear Bergman and Meg John Barker (2017-12-16) Non-Binary Activism, Palgrave Macmillan

Meg John Barker and Christina Richards (2017-09) Gender in Counselling Psychology, Wiley-Blackwell

Meg John Barker, Rosalind Gill and Laura Harvey (2017-08) Sex advice books and self-help, Routledge

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