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Dr Mathijs Lucassen

Dr Mathijs Lucassen

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Dr Mathijs Lucassen

Dr Mathijs Lucassen

About me

I joined the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University in August 2015.  I originally trained as an occupational therapist, and have worked clinically in mental health services in both England and New Zealand. Immediately prior to starting work at the Open University I worked as a lecturer and research fellow at the Department of Psychological Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Auckland.

Dr Mathijs Lucassen's research

Emma Jones, Rajvinder Samra and Mathijs F. G. Lucassen (2018-07-31) The world at their fingertips? The mental wellbeing of online distance-based law students, In International Journal of Legal Education

Karen Howells and Mathijs F. G. Lucassen (2018) ‘Post-Olympic Blues’ –The Diminution of Celebrity in Olympic Athletes, In Psychology of Sport and Exercise(37)

Jennifer Utter et al. (2016) Who is teaching the kids to cook? Results from a nationally representative survey of secondary school students in New Zealand, In International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health 3(30)

T. Fleming et al. (2018) Beyond the trial: A systematic review of real-world uptake and engagement with digital self-help interventions for depression, low mood, or anxiety, In Journal of Medical Internet Research 6(20)

Pauline Gulliver et al. (2018) Uneven progress in reducing exposure to violence at home for New Zealand adolescents 2001–2012: a nationally representative cross‐sectional survey series, In Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Jennifer Utter et al. (2017-11-23) Using the Internet to access health-related information: results from a nationally representative sample of New Zealand secondary school students, In International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

Rajvinder Samra et al. (2017) Factors related to medical students’ and doctors’ attitudes towards older patients: A systematic review, In Age and Ageing 6(46)

Mathijs F. G. Lucassen et al. (2017) Sexual minority youth and depressive symptoms or depressive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis of population-based studies, In Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 8(51)

Rajvinder Samra et al. (2017-06-30) What Factors Are Related to Medical Students’ and Doctors’ Attitudes Towards Older Patients?, In 21st IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Sally N. Merry et al. (2017-06) Implementing and Testing Youth Psychotherapies through a National Center for Evidence-Based Practice in New Zealand, The Guilford Press

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