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Profile: Martin Robb

Martin Robb

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Profile: Martin Robb

Martin Robb

About me

Martin has published articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics, with a recent focus on issues of fatherhood, young masculinity and childcare. Before joining the Open University he worked in informal and community education projects with adults and young people.

Martin Robb's research

Michael Rhys Morgan Ward et al. (2017-11-01) Doing gender locally: The importance of ‘place’ in understanding marginalised masculinities and young men’s transitions to ‘safe’ and successful futures, In The Sociological Review 4(65), SAGE Publications

Martin Robb et al. (2017-10-10) Family relationships and troubled masculinities: the experience of young men in contact with care and welfare services, Routledge

Professor Brigid Featherstone et al. (2017) ‘They are just good people…generally good people’: perspectives of young men on relationships with social care workers in the UK, In Children & Society 5(31)

Anna Tarrant et al. (2015-08) Are Male Role Models Really the Solution? Interrogating the ‘War on Boys’ Through the Lens of the ‘Male Role Model’ Discourse, In Boyhood Studies. An Interdisciplinary Journal 1(8)

Martin Robb (2014) Disseminating research: shaping the conversation, SAGE Publication Ltd.

Alison Clark et al. (editors) (2013-11) Understanding Research with Children and Young People., Sage

Martin Robb and Rachel Thomson (editors) (2010-07-21) Critical Practice with Children and Young People, Policy Press

Martin Robb (2010) Men wanted? Gender and the children's workforce, Policy Press

Martin Robb (2007) Gender, Sage

Martin Robb (2007) Wellbeing, Sage

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