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Profile: Dr Michel Wermelinger

Dr Michel Wermelinger

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Profile: Dr Michel Wermelinger

Dr Michel Wermelinger

About me

Michel is a senior lecturer in the Computing and Communications Department. His teaching and research area is software engineering. He is also interested in data visualisation. He chairs the presentation of "Algorithms, Data structures and Computability" ( and was the academic consultant for a BBC programme ( and iWonder guide ( on that topic. He is the academic lead for the "Learn to code for data analysis" MOOC ( More information can be found on 

Dr Michel Wermelinger's research

Alan Geoffrey Hall et al. (2017-07) Structuring Spreadsheets with the “Lish” Data Model, In European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group Conference 2017

Andrew Philip Leigh, Michel Wermelinger and Professor Andrea Zisman (2017) Software Architecture Risk Containers, In European Conference on Software Architecture

Tezcan Dilshener, Michel Wermelinger and Yi-Jun Yu (2016-05-14) Locating Bugs without Looking Back, In Mining Software Repository, ACM

Andrew Leigh, Michel Wermelinger and Professor Andrea Zisman (2016-04) An Evaluation of Design Rule Spaces as Risk Containers, In Proceedings of the Working International Conference on Software Architecture, IEEE

Jose J. Cavero Montaner, Michel Wermelinger and Annika Wolff (2015-10-13) Some future scenarios for ‘in the wild’ visualisations, In Death of the Desktop: Envisioning Visualization without Desktop Computing Workshop

Simon Butler, Michel Wermelinger and Yi-Jun Yu (2015-09) Investigating naming convention adherence in Java references, In 31st International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME2015), IEEE

Michel Wermelinger et al. (2015-05) Teaching software systems thinking at The Open University, In Joint Software Engineering Education and Training Conference(2), IEEE

Michel Wermelinger and Yi-Jun Yu (2015-05) An architectural evolution dataset, In 12th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories, IEEE

Simon Butler, Michel Wermelinger and Yi-Jun Yu (2015-05) A survey of the forms of Java reference names, In 23rd International Conference on Program Comprehension, IEEE Press

Christopher Bailey et al. (2014-06) Run-time generation, transformation, and verification of access control models for self-protection, In SEAMS'14: 9th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, ACM

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