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Dr Naomi Barker

Dr Naomi Barker

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Dr Naomi Barker

Dr Naomi Barker

About me

Naomi Barker has worked extensively in adult education at the University of Newcastle and as a part time lecturer at Durham University and has been an associate lecturer for the OU since 2001.

Dr Naomi Barker's research

Naomi Joy Barker (2015) Music, antiquity and self-fashioning in the Accademia dei Lincei, In The Seventeenth Century 4(30)

Naomi Joy Barker (2013-08) Charivari and popular ritual in 17th-century Italy: a source and context for improvised performance?, In Early Music 3(41)

Naomi Joy Barker (2013) The ear of the lynx: The musical legacy of the Accademia dei Lincei, Ashgate Publishing Limited

Naomi Joy Barker (2007) Un-discarded images: illustrations of antique musical instruments in 17th- and 18th-century books, their sources and transmission, In Early Music 2(35)

Naomi Joy Barker (2003) Viewing the stile espressivo: Doni, Poussin and the ancient genera(1), Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music

Naomi Joy Barker (2000-03-01) ‘Diverse Passions’: Mode, Interval and Affect in Poussin’s Paintings, In Music in Art 1-2(25)

Naomi Joy Barker (1996) Parody and Provocation: Parade and the Dada Psyche, In Repertoire International d'Iconographie Musicale / Research Center for Musical Iconography Newsletter 1(21)

Naomi Joy Barker (1992) In Search of Mannerism: A New Approach to an Old Problem, In South African Journal of Musicology(12)

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