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Professor Nick Braithwaite

Professor Nick Braithwaite

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Professor Nick Braithwaite

Professor Nick Braithwaite

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Professor Nick Braithwaite's research

Professor Richard Holliman et al. (2018-02-01) Engaging Opportunities: Connecting young people with contemporary research and researchers, The Open University and the Denbigh Teaching School Alliance

Ulrich Kolb et al. (2018) A robotic telescope for university-level distance teaching, In Robotic telescopes in student research and education (RTSRE) 2017(1)

A. Nominé et al. (2017-09-12) High-Frequency-Induced Cathodic Breakdown during Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation, In Physical Review Applied 3(8)

Tom W. Argles, Marcus Brodeur and Professor Nicholas St John Braithwaite (2017-01-11) Delivering authentic online practical science teaching – geoscience perspectives from the OpenScience Laboratory, In 35th International Geological Congress(35)

Timothy D. Drysdale and Professor Nicholas St John Braithwaite (2017) An internet of laboratory things, In 2017 4th Experiment@International Conference ('17)

Avishek Dey et al. (2016-06) Plasma engineering of graphene, In Applied Physics Reviews 2(3)

J Golda et al. (2016-01-20) Concepts and characteristics of the 'COST Reference Microplasma Jet', In Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics(49)

Daniil Marinov et al. (2015-10-22) Extraction and neutralization of positive and negative ions from a pulsed electronegative inductively coupled plasma, In Plasma Sources Science and Technology 6(24)

Marcus Brodeur et al. (2015-06-17) Designing online laboratories for optimal effectiveness: undergraduate priorities for authenticity, sociability and metafunctionality, In 15th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation

Professor Shailey Minocha et al. (2015-06-16) Pedagogical advantages of 3D virtual field trips and the challenges for their adoption, In Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG) Conference 2015

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