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Dr Natalie Welden

Dr Natalie Welden

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Dr Natalie Welden

Dr Natalie Welden

About me

Natalie is a research associate in the OU STEM faculty.

Natalie began her studies at the University of Derby where she completed a BSc in Ecology, before moving to the University of York to undertake an MSc in Marine Environmental Management. After graduating, Natalie volunteered with the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre on their long-running marine mammal observer programme, before moving to Scotland to begin a PhD on the Impacts of Marine Microplastic Pollution at the University Marine Biological Station in Millport.

Following her time in Millport, Natalie was employed at the Stockholm Environment Institute in York, working on the use of citizen science to monitor biodiversity and human impact on the environment across the UK.

Since joining the Open University, Natalie has focused on the environmental impacts of plactics in both terrestrial and marine habitats.

Dr Natalie Welden's research

Natalie A.C. Welden and Amy L. Lusher (2017-05-25) Impacts of Changing Ocean Circulation on the Distribution of Marine Microplastic Litter, In Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 3(13)

Natalie A.C. Welden and Phillip R. Cowie (2017) Degradation of Common Polymer Ropes in a Sublittoral Marine Environment, In Marine Pollution Bulletin 1-2(118)

A. L. Lusher et al. (2017-03-07) Sampling, isolating and identifying microplastics ingested by fish and invertebrates, In Analytical Methods 9(9)

Natalie A.C. Welden and Phillip R. Cowie (2016-11) Long-term microplastic retention causes reduced body condition in the langoustine, Nephrops norvegicus, In Environmental Pollution(218)

Natalie A.C. Welden and Phillip R. Cowie (2016-07) Environment and gut morphology influence microplastic retention in langoustine, Nephrops norvegicus, In Environmental Pollution(214)

Natalie A.C. Welden, Alan C. Taylor and Phillip R. Cowie (2015-01) Growth and gut morphology of the lobster Nephrops norvegicus, In Journal of Crustacean Biology 1(35)

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