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Olga Jurasz

Olga Jurasz

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Olga Jurasz

Olga Jurasz

About me

Olga is a lecturer in law at the Open University Law School, specialising in international law and human rights. She is also interested in gender and law. 


Olga Jurasz's research

Olga Jurasz et al. (2017) AFRC Case (Prosecutor v. Brima, Kamara, Kanu), Hart (In Press)

Olga Jurasz (2013) About justice that is yet to come: a few remarks about the international pursuit of post-conflict gender justice, In Journal of Gender Studies 1(24)

Olga Jurasz (2015) The Istanbul Convention: a new chapter in preventing and combating violence against women, In Australian Law Journal 9(89)

Olga Jurasz and Kim Barker (2014-06-01) Gender, human rights and cybercrime: are virtual worlds really that different?, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Olga Jurasz (2014) Gender-based crimes at the ICC- where is the future?, In 108th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law

Olga Jurasz (2013-02) Women of the Revolution- the future of women's rights in post-Gaddafi Libya 82, Martinus Nijhoff

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